It Takes 2,000 Display Ad Impressions On Average To Get 1 Click

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Programmatic & Display Advertising

Google Display Reaches Over 2.6M Sites & Apps

Google search ads are hands-down the best way to reach users with high-intent (buyer-readiness). Because it’s a reactive form of advertising, that inventory is limited to only those people who perform a search.

A well-executed digital display advertising strategy on the other hand, is proactive in raising brand or product awareness, generating demand, and re-engaging website visitors or past customers.

Display can be a tricky beast to tame in today’s world of banner-blindness and ad blockers. When done right though, with right targeting and ad creative, display ads can be a powerful tool in scaling a brand, product, or service.

What Can A Well-Crafted Display Campaign Do?

The Short Answer: A Lot. The Long Answer: A Lot!

Highlight Your Product Or Service

A full set of custom-designed banner ads are included free for each client as part of our on-boarding process. These banners are designed to highlight your brand message and imagery.

Low Cost-Per-Click

It’s the best of both worlds! Gain wide exposure, and only pay for ad engagement! The cheap clicks available on display mean that you can greatly expand your reach on for a fairly low investment!

Reach A Highly-Targeted Audience

While traditional offline ads target audience-profiles and run static ad placements, digital display ads can be targeted to specific users, wherever they are. Digital display ads are also very-trackable; a luxury traditional media does not offer.

Generate Brand Awareness

By keeping your brand or product top-of-mind with the right audience, you start building trust with prospects before they. even enter your sales-funnel.

Segment Relevant Audiences

Not all of your products or services are going to be relevant to the same users. We can show different users different ads, so you can expect a better ROI by showing the right ad to the right users.

Get Them Back With Retargeting

Most website visitors do not convert the first time. Retargeting will keep you top-of-mind with website visitors and help you get that conversion for an incremental cost.

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Why The WebTheory Method Works

It's All About The 4 Ws: Who, What, Where & Why

Targeted Ad Delivery

Who is this ad for?
We'll find the right mix of keywords, site placements, and audience targeting options.

Compelling Ad Copy

What are they going to see?
We'll write ads that make users engage so that you don't get lost in the noise of the web.

Retargeting Ads

Where else is your audience?
We'll find your recent visitors on the web and bring them back to get that conversion.

CRO & A/B Testing

Why Didn't They Convert?
With heatmaps and A/B testing, we'll identify website elements that are preventing better ROI.

Thorough Onboarding

We Plan For Success

Building The Knowledge Base

We learn about your business model, your ideal customer and your past ad experiences.

Defining Success

We balance your revenue goals against customer profitability to establish your KPIs.

Analysis, Analysis, & More Analysis

We dig deep through your data to identify what's been profitable and where money has been wasted.

Build & Launch

We devise a custom campaign structure and attribution model to determine success and benchmark our optimization efforts.

We Don't Set & Forget

Monitor, Analyze, Optimize, Repeat

With so many variables and moving parts, digital ad campaigns are not stagnant ad placements. They are data-rich marketing campaigns that give us tremendous feedback and insights.

The difference between campaigns that lose money and those that drive profit? The ones that leverage that data and feedback to continuously identify areas for optimization will come out ahead!

There are many aspects of a campaign that can lose small percentages of budgets to inefficient optimization. Combined, over even a short period of time, you could be leaking large portions of your budget.

Our optimization efforts don't stop with the ad-platform. In today's digital climate, the entire journey, from search, to ad click, right through to on-site experience all play a part in generating the best ROI of your ad dollar.

With daily performance monitoring our digital ad management services will ensure that your KPI's are always being met, and that no opportunity is lost.

Digital Advertising Myth #789

Display Ads Don’t Work!

Fact: Display is essential to the ‘introductory’ phase of the sales cycle.

Some advertisers get hung up on assessing digital advertising by one thing and one thing only; the number of leads that get attributed DIRECTLY to a single channel.

These advertisers believe that a click has more inherent value than a view. This view is short-sided and sure to limit growth and scalability. It’s just as important to make introductions with new (targeted) eyeballs as it is to catch prospects when they’re ready to buy. Getting too hung up on click-through-rates and conversion-rates causes us to lose focus on the big picture, gained by tracking trends in growth over time.

Let’s Make The Most Of Your PPC Budget