Paid Search Ads
Can Waste A Lot Of Money

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Paid Search Ads Management

93% Of All Web Traffic Starts Via Search Engine

Paid Search offers the best dollar-for-dollar return on ad spend, and it’s easy to see why. What better time to show your ad than when a user is actively searching for your service or product? Exactly. There is none!

Paid Search is essentially a real-time auction. In this case, we’re winning impressions, but only paying when the ad is actually clicked.

Paid Search Platforms

Google Takes The Lion’s Share, But There Are Other Options To Consider

There are over 3 billion searches on Google every single day. That’s over a trillion every year, and that number keeps going up!

The cornerstone of advertising on the digital age is showing up right when your customers are searching. That means a strong search engine presence.

With 70% – 80% of the search market, Google Ads should be at the center of any digital ad strategy. Not being present on Google is like giving your competitors the keys to the kingdom.

With Google taking 70% – 80% of the search market, that leaves another 20% – 30% to Bing and Yahoo.

Bing & Yahoo searchers are a bit different from Google searchers. While both platforms offer you the ability to simply import and sync campaigns from Google, that’s a potential recipe for disaster.

Because these audiences are different, the ad engagement and data received is also going to be different, so optimization needs to be done separately, and tracking needs to be setup for these audiences so that the most is made of your ad dollars on these platforms.

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Why The WebTheory Method Works

It's All About The 4 Ws: Who, What, Where & Why

Targeted Ad Delivery

Who is this ad for?
We'll find the right mix of keywords, site placements, and audience targeting options.

Compelling Ad Copy

What are they going to see?
We'll write ads that make users engage so that you don't get lost in the noise of the web.

Retargeting Ads

Where else is your audience?
We'll find your recent visitors on the web and bring them back to get that conversion.

CRO & A/B Testing

Why Didn't They Convert?
With heatmaps and A/B testing, we'll identify website elements that are preventing better ROI.

Thorough Onboarding

We Plan For Success

Building The Knowledge Base

We learn about your business model, your ideal customer and your past ad experiences.

Defining Success

We balance your revenue goals against customer profitability to establish your KPIs.

Analysis, Analysis, & More Analysis

We dig deep through your data to identify what's been profitable and where money has been wasted.

Build & Launch

We devise a custom campaign structure and attribution model to determine success and benchmark our optimization efforts.

We Don't Set & Forget

Monitor, Analyze, Optimize, Repeat

With so many variables and moving parts, digital ad campaigns are not stagnant ad placements. They are data-rich marketing campaigns that give us tremendous feedback and insights.

The difference between campaigns that lose money and those that drive profit? The ones that leverage that data and feedback to continuously identify areas for optimization will come out ahead!

There are many aspects of a campaign that can lose small percentages of budgets to inefficient optimization. Combined, over even a short period of time, you could be leaking large portions of your budget.

Our optimization efforts don't stop with the ad-platform. In today's digital climate, the entire journey, from search, to ad click, right through to on-site experience all play a part in generating the best ROI of your ad dollar.

With daily performance monitoring our digital ad management services will ensure that your KPI's are always being met, and that no opportunity is lost.

The Paid Search Trap

Can’t I Just Manage My Own Campaigns?

Sure you can. You can also do your own plumbing & electrical work, represent yourself in court, and do your own taxes.

The truth is that while paid search advertising can deliver a tremendous ROI, there are just as many ways to lose money to the complexity of the platform. It’s like anything else; the more options you have, the more opportunity you have to make the wrong decisions.

For most of our clients, the margin they pay for professional ad management is more than made up for in increased campaign efficiency.

Let’s Make The Most Of Your PPC Budget